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Campaign Watch: The Deep Sea Challenge

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A few days ago, Director James Cameron made history by having the deepest solo dive in the Mariana Trench. Of course the news caught my attention: 1. It’s James Cameron 2. It’s on National Geographic 3. The Mariana Trench! All fascinating elements of a newsworthy event that just made my anticipation for the complete video footage of the deepest place on Earth more intense.

And then yesterday on CNN, Rolex apparently also made another record of its own with the Oyster Perpetual as the deepest diving watch in the world. The watch already prides itself being made of 904L steel that can resist the harshest corrosion-causing elements. Diving down strapped on the submarine that plunged into the deepest part of the earth only made it incontestable. The In a short riveting ad, Rolex congratulates resident explorer James Cameron and builds the brand association with prestige. Certainly, Rolex already has an undisputed brand equity but brands like it aim for the highest distinct achievements that its opulent target and aspiring consumers admire.

For more information about the watch, Geeky Gadgets has a full feature on about it. Know more about The Deep Sea Challenge on National Geographic.